David Guetta koncert 2018

Date: 2018.07.07.
Venue: Budapest

David Guetta concert 2018 - Balaton Sound

David Guetta has played a pivotal role in turning dance music into the chart-topping juggernaut it is today. His impact has been impossible to ignore, or to underestimate. He can be considered among the elite group of super-producers whose sound is synonymous with an era – such as Trevor Horn, Rick Rubin or DrDre.

After an incredible season of headline shows, David Guetta is set to officially see out the Summer on a high with the release of new club track ‘Clap Your Hands’alongside GLOWINTHEDARK. While the world waits for his next major single, David felt compelled to release a party record for his hardcore fans - a track firmly for the clubs that draws from the lighter, euphoric side to his music and alongside GLOWINTHEDARK, ’Clap Your Hands’delivers wholeheartedly. Receiving an overwhelming crowd reaction and without a doubt one of the stand-out records in David’s sets.

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