Kung-Fu Legend

Date: 2013.08.09-10.
Venue: Szegedi Szabadtéri Játékok - Dóm tér szabadtéri színpad

On August 9th and 10th the audience is entertained by a special production: A guest performance entitled the Kung-Fu Legend is arriving from the Red Theatre in Beijing. It combines dramatic elements with dancing, acrobatics, fascinating Chinese music and the philosophy of the ancient martial arts in an exciting way. The performance first presented in 2004 could already be seen by the Canadian, American, Russian and Japanese audiences – in Hungary it is the first time that it is staged. According to the critic of the Canadian National Post the piece can compare with the best Broadway productions. The main character of the performance of the acrobatic dance theatre is Chun Yi, who learns in the Kung-Fu temple that he has to resist temptation in his entire life – which of course he successively encounters – if he would like to become a master.


August 9th and 10th 
(rain day: August 11th)

Ticket prices:

2 900 Ft Odessza szektor, Brüsszel szektor
3 700 Ft Turku szektor, Toledo szektor, Nizza szektor, Parma szektor
4 600 Ft Turku szektor, Parma szektor
5 500 Ft Párizs szektor, Bécs szektor
6 600 Ft Darmstadt szektor, Berlin szektor
7 700 Ft Róma szektor, London szektor