Händel: Messiás

Date: 2013.03.26.
Venue: Művészetek Palotája

Conductor: György Vashegyi
Featuring: Julia Bauer, Viktória Vizin, Peter Hervay, Jeffrey Thompson – vocals, Orfeo Orchestra, Purcell Choir
Probably Handel’s best-known, almost cultic, work, the Messiah is a cornerstone in György Vashegyi’s conducting career. Standing at the helm of the Purcell Choir and the Orfeo Orchestra, he has conducted several versions of the piece over the past few years. Most recently, he was the first in Hungary to return to the original form of the oratorio as it was presented at its 1742 premiere. He is joined by renowned stars in this new production for the Festival: the solo roles will be sung by Julia Bauer, Viktória Vizin, Peter Harvey and Jeffrey Thompson.
Ticket prices: 2500, 4500, 6500, 8500, 9500 Ft