Goldengate Erotic Gallery and Exibition

Date: All day
Venue: Goldengate Galéria

Sex Museum in Budapest

Erotic, sex museum opened in Hungary. On this "exhibition" we can see prehistoric masturbation tools and the first vibrators.
Also we can enjoy the femost hungarian porn star Cicciolina's vagina .. Not the original, it is just a copy in a much much bigger size.

The hungarians are really succesfull in sex movie business, and they got many international pornstar.
On the first floor we have a special exhibition about these stars. The exhibition is not just a museum, it is a bit interactive, as you can touch and try some of the objects.

Sit down and try out these things yourself.. Dont be shy. We all love sex and we always did it as this museum represent it.
Ticket to entry to the Sex museum from 2500 HUF