Csongor and Tünde

Date: 2013.04.07.
Venue: Művészetek Palotája

Conductor: Balázs Kocsár
Creators: Péter Gemza, Marcell Jankovics

Featuring: Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra
Mihály Vörösmarty’s enigmatic dramatic poem is revived at the Spring Festival in a production that boasts special visuals thanks to a synthesis of the arts. Marcell Jankovics’s evocative animations will come alive to breathtaking effect thanks to the cutting-edge projection technology. The stage is designed by director and choreographer Péter Gemza, while Balázs Kocsár has prepared an original selection of music. Vörösmarty’s heroes will be accompanied by Fairy Ilona and Prince Árgyélus, and even the Queen of the Night. How is that even possible? That is for the three-way crossroads to reveal.