Carmina Burana tickets

Date: 2013
Venue: Művészetek Palotája


Music: Carl Orff 
Set, costumes: Zsuzsa Molnár 
Lighting: Ferenc Stadler 
Choreography: Tamás Juronics 
Ballet director: András Pataki 


“Glimpsing into the ritualistic lives of a barbarian humanoid community scraping and struggling for survival in the ruins of civilization, we observe how its members battle their fears and follow their instincts in an attempt to overcome what Fate has thrown at them. Fate is sometimes benevolent, bringing joy and love, but sometimes it brings sorrow and death. A girl predestined to live a short life can feel happiness for a moment, as the sensation of love banishes all bad thoughts from her mind and makes her believe that life can be different and more beautiful. But Fortune is deceptive and cruel, and has no concern for the beauty of the moment. By living through disappointments, joys and fears alike, the protagonists all learn more and more about themselves, their fate and their opportunities – about their very humanity.” Tamás Juronics

Presented by: Nemzeti Táncszínház

Prices: 3000, 3500 Ft